Bundle is a better way to discover
and read the news around you

No matter where you are Bundle makes sense of the latest local news so that you can be part of a more informed and enlightened community.

We’re fanatical about the future of local news

Since the dawn of the internet a number of disruptive forces have caused irrevocable damage to the business models that have funded the production of local news. We believe that new economic models are needed to sustain and grow local news. We don’t have all the answers but we do think there's a better way forward and as a technology company we're in a position to challenge old systems.

We’re champions of a new model

Our interface to local news is ideally placed to bring app subscription and mobile advertising monetisation to the local news ecosystem. The collective scale of our technology can be the engine for a transformative economic model that works for readers, publishers and advertisers; preserving local news for all concerned.

We’re a powerhouse for local news

Our technology automates the distribution of local news by analysing thousands of news articles everyday. These articles, from reputable sources, have been shared on social networks or RSS feeds. Articles pass through our own content algorithms which filter for relevancy and recency before being delivered to users’ news feeds, by location.

We work like alchemists

Striking the balance between personalisation and local serendipity is our holy grail. The computer science wizardry behind this involves groundbreaking work to recognise the local context of news articles - from time to time we share more about this on our blog.

We’re part of something bigger than us

We acknowledge the need for partnerships and collaboration to achieve our goals. We’re ready to work with all genres of journalism to give local stories the coverage and exposure they deserve. To contribute to our work or propose an initiative get in touch. Your support can make a difference to the future of local news.

We’re in this together

We’re a thoughtful team, curious about the future of news consumption, and obsessed about making news better for all. We do this because we get fired up about the unwieldy and disruptive news reading experiences that exist today.


We're committed to developing a series of APIs for the benefit of the local news ecosystem.
Contact us about being a beta tester

Bundle Readership API

Publishers can collect the page-views and time-spent on their published articles.

Bundle Trends API

Publishers are able to extract valuable insights on the topics and stories driving conversations.

Bundle Comments API

Publishers can retrieve an up-to-the-minute stream of comments from their published articles.

Bundle Article Search API

Search through Bundle's entire archive of articles with the option of using location, topic and time filters.